Apzem Venturi Scrubber

APZEM Venturi scrubbers are available with both fixed and variable throats with the efficiency being a direct function of both the throat area and the liquid rate.Venturi scrubbers can be used either as a single stage unit for removal of fine particulates or aerosols, or as part of a multistage scrubber where they may be followed by a packed tower (for gaseous contaminants) or by successive venturi units when very high removal efficiencies are required. Feel free to call us @ 044-42879231 / 09789066648 or send enquiry. Request For Quote

About Our Venturi Scrubber


The Venturi scrubber relies on the creation of turbulence and high impact forces to ensure intimate contact between gas and scrubbing liquid.The Venturi scrubber achieves this by accelerating the gas through a restricted area or �throat�. Liquid is introduced at the throat creating the high turbulence zone.

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